Root Canal Treatment In Mukherjee Nagar North Delhi

Every tooth is made up of three layers. Outer layer is enamel, middle dentin and innermost is pulp tissue. A tooth may get infected or damaged due to caries, injury or several other factors. It causes unbearable pain when the infection spreads to innermost layer of tooth that is pulp tissue. In such cases Root canal treatment is advised where we remove the pulp tissue.

At Bhatnagar Advanced Dental Care we practice of minimally invasive dentistry. We are the only clinic in Mukherjee Nagar, North Delhi to have optical device that magnifies the operative field and even makes Re-root canal treatment accurate.

We also provide Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment near Model Town, Civil Lines and Rajpur Road in North Delhi. Using an advanced Endodontic technology Single-sitting Root Canal Treatment is performed within an hour.

As a direct consequence of the better visualization obtained, all root canal treatments are less invasive and more precise, thus preserving the oral tissues and dental structures from unnecessary substance during procedures such as diagnosis, caries removal, and cavity preparation.

Bhatnagar Advanced Dental Care is the first dental clinic to introduce Dental Operating Microscope (DOM) in Mukherjee Nagar, North Delhi. The benefits of using Microscope Enhanced Dentistry are:

1. MORE PRECISION in the filling edges (where the filling and tooth meet) can be seen and aligned well; this increases the longevity of the filling.

2. INCREDIBLE MAGNIFICATION removes the decay more precisely and successfully to create a properly designed cavity.

3. Microdentistry has opened the door for PREDICTABLE ROOT CANAL THERAPIES as well as re-treatments of failing root canals.

If you stay in North Delhi and suffering from severe pain due to carious tooth, then you may require RCT, however it can be decided only when you visit best nearby dentist in North Delhi.