Re Root Canal Treatment Delhi

What is Re-Root Canal Treatment & When is it required?

As the name suggests, the treatment is repeated again. Sometimes even after the RCT the tooth is still sensitive to hot and cold. It’s difficult to chew from that side, the symptoms are like if the root canal treatment hasn’t been done. This happens because the tooth fails to heal completely after the treatment and there’s a recurrent infection. In such conditions Re-RCT is advised where the complete process is repeated.

Why the tooth gets infected even after RCT?

Even after getting a perfect RCT done, sometimes that tooth might get infected, maybe from the adjacent teeth, gums or due to food lodgement. There can be many reasons why tooth may get infected even after RCT. Some of the reasons can be.. Cracking of tooth, Micro-leakages, Improper cleaning, Not going for crown, lack of advanced dental equipment and there can be many more reasons.

What is done in Re-RCT?

If the RCT treated tooth does not have crown, the root canal filling materials are removed from the tooth and an antibacterial paste is placed. X-ray is taken at regular intervals to monitor the infection. Once, the infection subsides the root canal process is repeated and the crown is placed.

In case, if the RCT treated tooth already has a crown, we have to either remove the crown or make a hole through it to reach the root canal. After Re-RCT, full mouth impression is taken and a crown is made.

Should you go for Re-RCT?

If the previously Root Canal Treated tooth gets grossly infected, you have only two options, either to get the tooth pulled or get the Re-RCT done. It is always a better option to save a natural tooth. A re RCT gives that chance to save the natural tooth that is at the verge of extraction.

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