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Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

What we experienced last week was really amazing!! Mrs. Grover has been one of our old patients. She has undergone several Root canals and some other treatments at Bhatnagar’s Advanced Dental Care but her husband Mr.G. S Grover, a 71 yr old Retired General Secretary at Government Department used to visit some other dental clinic in south Delhi.

Last week, Mr. Grover suffered from severe dental pain, and Mrs. Grover insisted him to give us a try as we were nearby dental clinic in North Delhi. Though his wife is our patient for over a decade now, Mr. Grover was little skeptical about getting treated at our practice.

Our dentist Dr. Sumit, did the complete check up and found that one of his tooth was severely decayed and needed immediate attention. After taking the X-ray, he advised Root Canal Treatment followed by a crown.

Mr. Grover had undergone Root Canal Treatment in the past for some other tooth and he shared that his experience was that root canal treatment was uncomfortable and painful. But Dr. Sumit explained the treatment well, and assured that there will be minimum pain and absolute zero discomfort.

Dr. Sumit has got an expertise in Root Canal Treatment with over 10,000 RCT done successfully and he is also armed with latest dental equipments such as Dental Microscope, Apex locater and several other gadgets that improve treatment accuracy multifold.

After explaining everything Mr. Grover was convinced for RCT and Dr. Sumit started the treatment. The treatment was completed within 2-3 sittings and within few days he was give a cap. During the entire treatment Mr. Grover did not have any pain which was his prime concern.

After placing the cap over the RCT treated tooth now he is able to eat efficiently from that side. At the end of the treatment he looked very happy and satisfied that he was in safe hands. He even mentioned our principle dentist as a pain free doctor. He further added that our clinic is really advanced.

So if you too think that Root Canal Treatment is painful then, you must visit us.