Smile Stories

How We Changed A Life With Smile Makeover?

One of the important thing in life of a Girl is her beauty. For us at Bhatnagar’s Dental Care being beautiful does not mean to be fair or slim but it’s about being your best version. That’s what we can help you in, we can give you the best version of your “Smile”.

This is what “Amisha” (name changed) was looking for before dream day, her marriage. Amisha came to us exactly a month before she was going to get married. She was having severe pain in her upper front tooth. While Dr.Sumit was checking her up, she told her about the accident she had met 14 years ago and the treatment she had undergone for the same. Amisha had her front tooth
broken which was treated with Root canal Treatment and was given a Crown for the tooth but after 14 years it had started paining again.

Dr.Sumit advised her to go for an X-ray where we saw severe bone loss in both her upper front teeth. It was very clear that she needed the treatment immediately as her marriage was approaching soon.

As a doctor we know, what’s the best treatment for a particular case but this is not how it works in real life. We need to respect and consider several other factors such as time frame, affordability, priority etc.

In Amisha’s case there were two possibilities.

Option I: The first Possibility was to extract right front tooth, perform RCT for adjoining tooth on the left side and proceed with a bridge.

Option II: And the second option was to extract right front tooth and replace it with implant placement followed by RCT of adjoining tooth on the left side.

Although, second option would have been a better choice but we had to go with 1st option due to time constraint. Amisha was going to get married in a month and she was also going for a pre-wedding shoot and wanted her photo shoot to be the best.

Dr.Sumit immediately started Root Canal Treatment, extracted her right upper tooth and a beautiful temporary bridge was placed for few days. Within a weak she was given her permanent bridge.

By the end of the treatment Amisha looked very happy and ready to flaunt her new smile. SHE GOT A BEAUTIFUL SMILE AND HER PHOTOSHOOT ON HER MOST AWAITED DAY WAS SUPERB.

This is one of our “Smile Stories”. If you too are looking for a beautiful smile before your special day then get in touch with us.