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Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is one of the revolutionized modern dental health care. At Bhatnagar’s advanced dental care, we use the latest in laser dental technology for dental treatments. The dental laser allows quick healing & bloodless dental treatment. Use of Laser Dentistry adds health benefits for optimal oral health and is used in a range of dental health concerns in a less invasive & painful manner. Right from gum disease to carious tooth, laser dentistry helps to eliminate the need for drills, sutures, and other invasive surgeries.


Dental microscope

Dental Microscope is a revolutionary technology for us and our patients, which improves the quality and precision of the treatment, intensified ergonomics, recording of digital documentation and increased communication through integrated video to their patients. Here are some benefits of Dental microscope:

1. Prompt Examination

We can diagnose and do treatment planning with the help of enhanced visualization through high-powered magnification. We can identify a microscopic spot, color, little amount of plaque and carious tooth structure. Treatment is performed with a greater level of precision without failures.

2. Easy To Identify Tooth Fractures

Micro-fractures within the teeth are often difficult to diagnose clinically. Dental Microscope allows diagnosis of the micro fractures of teeth with the high magnification and is treated promptly.

3. Better Visualization

It is easier to visualize the infection inside the teeth which help us to treat the infection accurately. Microscope decreases the distance and enhances the overall treatment quality.

Bhatnagar’s Dental Clinic is equipped with all modern equipment from all around the world such as DC Digital X-ray (U.S.), RVG (ITALY) a computer based x-rays (which reduces exposure to radiation up to 96% than normal dental x-rays done on normal films), advanced teeth whitening system and we keep on adding new tools to our practice.

You name it- we have it..